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New iO Matt Silver and a first 100 Limited Edition Io.

The Matt silver io will be available before Christmas.

Also a new version? First 100 will be available too. What does this mean? A different finish? A different design? 

I am hoping for a version without the sidebars. Or even a copper or black version. 

Mathmos usually release new colours with new lamps. So hopefully a new colour bottle too. I am hoping for blue pink as the new astro bottles are awesome. My coppers are waiting. 

Thank you Mathmos....

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Matt silver does not sound very exciting to me, it should like an easy way for mathmos to avoid returns from improperly plated bases.

Also think the new matt silver seems like a cop-out, looks much blander and doesn’t really suit the lamp IMO - for me the bright chrome worked much better with the ‘flowing’ form of the base.

Intrigued as to what the new variant could be…

Since they have just released the black Fireflow, my bet is a black iO. And the next color combination will most likely be one of the new colors they have been adding to the other models.

I am hoping for a more uniform design without the sidebars, to give it a more less enclosed look. I am more than happy to just plonk my bottle in the base and the cap on top without messing around with tabs and holes and screws. 

We should all be happy that they are still producing a lunar sized lamp and new ones at that. Looking forward to a new colour and hopefully not an old generic one. Knowing my luck it will be the awful blue blue. But am hoping for blue pink or clear yellow. Yes please. 

Shame they weren’t designed so that the side bars could be treated as optional, and simply not fitted if the lamp didn’t need to be fixed down.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but it’s difficult to imagine that there will be any significant design alterations for the new variant, unfortunately the least interesting option is the most likely one, so probably a different base finish then.

A copper version would actually be pretty cool, but probably unlikely since copper effect is still chrome coated, which causes them problems it seems.

So probably another bland matt-finished colour, maybe black, as someone else suggested.

Great discussion. I pretty much agree with everyone’s views here.

Come on guys, how many real life chrome rockets have you seen. Spun aluminum, polished, brushed whatever is the way to

go.  Chrome, brass plating is time consuming, has to be done thoroughly, meticulously, and very well to have a great and lasting finish.  Not to mention that both are a pretty expensive processes.  If done well can be very nice and last, but again, both chrome and brass do require some periodic maintenance from time to time.  Would be great to have and enjoy.  But then in real life chipping, peeling, discoloration do happen and can be hard to control and produce a quality product consistently with no problems cropping up. Inherent nature of the materials you are working with.  Hopefully, it will be something all will like and admire.  Lets see what happens.  Just my  2.0 cents.  Regards.


Still nothing available. Its unfair of Mathmos to put such pressure on the UK postal services at such a late stage. 

My girls have been pestering me for so much stuff that theres no way I can afford one now anyway. As usual too late yet again Mathmos. Christmas shopping done. 

According to my mate at the factory. There's no way the io is going to be available before Christmas as they are so snowed under. Another source says they are STILL fulfilling back orders. Can't afford one now anyway. Boohoo. Shame i was looking forward to that one. 

I personally don't have an answer to your questions, but I agree it would be nice to see that lamp without the side bars. It would be interesting to see how long it takes to warm up to flow and how stable it is on that small base. I'm guessing you can screw it down like the neo, but I wouldn't want to ruin any furniture doing that myself. Interesting lamp though. 

First 100 iOs now available in Matt Black. Limited to 2 per person. And a new pink turquoise bottle. No new design but just a new colour option. 

Matt silver still unavailable. 

Cant afford one. Im broke. Oh well. Good luck people. 

Thanks for posting it's now available. I've been to have a look, I personally don't like it in black or in matt grey/silver. It's an interesting lamp but not for any of us here. The only thing I like about it is the fact there's more lava flow space. 

I could get shot for saying this, but to me it looks like a lamp that would go in a tv watching room, or a man/woman cave type room, a snug perhaps, or a teenagers bedroom perhaps. 

A big lava lamp would be great, but I would much prefer to see something plainer to show off the wax and viewing area, not the actual lamp. Why does it have to look like a cross between a spaceship/weapon/rocket. Something a kin to the Astro would be good, ok it's been done before, but it's a classic, or the princess on a stand, but a more modern stand.

It's interesting but not tempting

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