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I might be slow on this one, but I went to spencer's today and they had every color of 52oz.  My 2 local spencer's have had nothing for almost a year.  I went to the cashier to buy one and she said they had changed their formula and that this was the new batch.  She also said she hadn't had near as many returns. 
I got the clear and green.  The green is really dark and opaque.  It flows really nicely and is totally clear.  I'm so excited!  You can't beat these $20 lamps!!
I'll post pictures when I get a chance!

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I went this weekend and got a blue/white. At first I was so disappointed. The wax was so transparent, didn't overheat though. I really just wanted some good white wax so I emptied the blue water and added my own liquid. I only had to add a tiny amount of salt to get a good flow. After running this lamp for about 3 days, the wax has thickened up and it's really nice. Coil is great too. My green one is still really gorgeous. I took some pictures but the pics didn't do it justice AT ALL. It flows so great on my century base. I am so happy I took a chance on these Spencer's lamps. I'll post some pics of the white lamp.
gorgeous! I'm just glad to get some good wax! I love your bases. I'm trying to think of what to do with mine.
I agree! Makes me want to go buy up lots of Blue/Whites, fade them this summer & add my colors to them! Beautiful set up, Bohdan.

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