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Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.

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I looked in a local Spencers yesterday, nothin new at all.

Yup - 2nd Spencers also had no clue on when new lamps may be coming in.

The only one I have any interest in is the glitter, but I still want a report or in-store sighting before buying those as well.  

Yeah agree, I like the glitter. Only one I want.

Well Susan dear, I hate to tell her, but it is the BEGINNING of June!!!  Hurry up already!!!


Bridget, I think i'm buying the glitter to put into a 52 oz'er.............don't know what i'll do with 3 20 oz bases, but maybe i'll list them on ebay cheap, just to get rid of them and somebody tinkering might want them.....it's doubtful though!!


As far as Spencer's, I don't hold a lot of play into what those kids that work at the stores say!!!  Most Spencer's hire retail staff that will just tell you something to get you off of the phone and make them sound smart....like they know what's going on, NOT!!

Just saw the 17" 50th lamp on FB. What a joke! I guess they are all gonna be purple/yellow...yawn. What a disappointment! If I win one fine but I won't be buying!

At spencers, they often genuinely don't know. I used to work at Spirit Halloween, which is the same company as Spencers, and we wouldn't be told hardly anything about new product ourselves. We had to ask a manager, who often wouldn't know either. We would know what we were getting about 2 days before new product arrived. However, we were not supposed to say "I don't know" to the customer, we were supposed to give some sort of time estimate. frustrating to everyone lol, cause customers would rarely get accurate information.
Basically, all I'm saying is that the employees aren't trying to not have to talk, they just don't know, and don't have a way of finding out. Its usually better to tell a false statement to keep a customer happy than to tell them that they don't know and risk having the customer blow up and call them stupid for not knowing, when it isn't in their control. It seems to be a company issue rather than a store issue.

Ok, got it!!!  It always helps to know someone that either has worked or knows someone that worked somewhere to find out the true scoop.  I shopped at Spirit this Halloween and the gal did say that they legit didn't know anything about shipment.  I mentioned Spencer's and lava and that's what she told me.  Same thing.

Does anyone know if LL ships out the grandes from their IL warehouse if you were to purchase them online from spencers? Just ordered a grande pink heritage from spencers they are on sale for $82.49 and then with a coupon code it it came to $65.99. I know when I ordered my green hertiage grande from overstock it came from LL's warehouse in IL.

"727663" is the code for spencers if anyone is interested.

no but it was only $11.99 for shipping, you can use the free shipping code but it comes out to be more then using the 20% off code.

So the Heritage Grande's are a good lamp?

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