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Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I have just bought my third lava lamp - a Mathmos Lunar, I have wanted one of those for many years so I am a happy camper right now :)

It is really cloudy but I hope it will clear up, if not I guess I will have to filter it or exchange the liquid.


But what light bulb to use in these, it is a 75w one right now but it takes quite a while for it to get going...

Cheers from up by the Arctic Circle,


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An old bottle with the old Formula, runs with a 75W bulb, but if you take a new Lunar bottle or if you buy one from Mathmos now, you have to use a 100W reflector bulb!

Yes, 100W R80 reflector bulb.

And in my opinion this bottle will never clear up. Also filtering will not help on this bottle.

Thanks, 75w it is! And it will probably not clear up, and filtering is not a good idea... Got it!

Seems one can buy new wax, so maybe I will buy three or four "kits" but I will keep it as it is for now.

Thanks again!


You can buy new Lunar bottles directly in the mathmos shop for (in Germany) 95 Euro.

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