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New Mathmos Astro Metallic 2016 - silver dusted glass bottle

Mathmos released a new Mathmos Astro with a silver dusted bottle.
Off it will look like completely made out of metal chrome, and switchted on you can see

the lava.

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Got an email today that they are now on backorder, and I can expect mine to ship late next week.

Now that is weird. Maybe they jumped the gun on releasing.

Kirk...where did you purchase yours?

I love these! Firing up the Neo as we speak!

The UK Mathmos site.  I have a forward2me account that I use to get the lamps shipped to me.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks for the answer, Kirk. I got my Neo from an eBay seller, was hoping that was the case here, too. I can't wait to see one of these - they look so cool!

The chrome painting ist not a very good quality. I dont think that they will produce them again, because I dont think that they were able to produce one 100% perfect bottle. They look really cool and if you dont look to close at it, everything is fine.

They changed the base again (no support ring inside) and the bottle fits very well in the base.

they mention on the website the bottle is sprayed so not to turn it around in the base as it will scratch, im tempted but if its only a limited item how long before you cant get a replacement bottle :-(

Well I scratched the paint only with the roughness of my thumb.

Its very very fast scratching. And the lamp is flowing now... Its hard to see the lava in a bright room and even in the dark.
The lamp looks really cool off, and when its on, the reflections are cool too, but its hard to see a nice lava flow how we know it. I only keep it, because its new and someway cool... And I think they will be very rare one day and not cheep to get.

My both bottles are the same as yours.
I think they will not get them better... so keeping or giveing back... as I think that you can sell them in a few years for double the price, I will keep them, but will talk with mathmos too.

Nee said:

Can I ask you guys what condition your bottles were in when you got them?

I got mine today and it is badly grazed scratched and not nice. The bluewax inside is also badly mixed and is very speccled. 

I am most unhappy and will speak with mathmos tomorrow.

What are your experiences with these new bottles? Thanks Nee

so glad i didnt order one now 

Received mine, and I'm impressed with them.  Beautiful metallised glass - very minor imperfections on the blue globe.  The red globe is perfect.  I love the shimmering effect of the lava as it flows.  The light blue, turquoise is really pretty.

Whoa. Those are trippy. How easy are they to power in the US?

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