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Not sure if anyone has seen them yet but Mathmos appear to have new boxes. When I ordered my custom Lunar bottles I asked could I have or buy a couple of astrobaby boxes as I didn’t have one for two of my lamps and I
also needed two replacement mains flex's. They didn’t arrive with the bottles
and I didn’t chase them up as I knew they were moving sites etc. so I rang up
last week and have to say they were great as usual, promised to get them out to
me this week and as promised they arrived :) Have attached a couple of pics of
the new box designs if anyone hasn’t seen them yet. A nice surprise for the
weekend and I cant thank the guys at Mathmos enough :) .

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lol CL, they do seem to put the wrong stickers on the box. I had a telstar a couple of months ago with that box, the intresting thing is they state the chrome base, so maybe other colours are on the way?
The new boxes are awesome, nice to see something fresh and new for 2010 and i agree totally with CL about bringing out soemthing to mark the event. Does anyone know anything about the "big lava lamp" they might be launching this year?
I don't think the spaces for colors are particularly planned, it still shows the blue/blue which is no longer available, and no clear/white? but as you say we can hope!

A nice look though, an improvment over the old one.
"redonkuless"? Have you been watching Dexter, Doc? LOL!
I would LOVE to own some of these beauties, especially the ones MyFriendGoo is selling... just no cash flow at this time :(
I would love an astrobaby in clear/turquoise with a white base/cap. Would be nice looking!

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