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On the latest Mathmos blog, they say they are releasing a new lamp in the autumn. What are your thoughts? Do any of you have any information? 

I am hoping that it's a larger lamp like the lunar, but knowing Mathmos it will be another Neo variant or use the astro bottle. 

Let's at least hope we get some new interesting colourways as the current range is getting a bit stagnant now. 

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Well, I hoped for something more.  

Indeed. Not that those aren’t nice, but I was hoping for something… larger. Maybe next year?

UH....they are different! :)

I like them. They seem tidier and more compact than the fire flow which is showing its age. Let's hope theres some new colours. I will be buying! 

Don't be downhearted theres still a coming soon for a large lava lamp on their website. I think this is only one of a few new releases. Maybe Marcel can tell us more, he seems to have insider information. 

Come on spill the beans! 

Fire flow bottles?  I think these are beautiful, but I am hoping to see something at least using a Lunar bottle and all new. Even bigger would be better.  

To be honest I'm quite impressed. They look good. One thing I don't like is the colourways. The pink blue is almost impossible to see in dark or daylight. The violet orange is also a bit dark. 

Theres only the yellow orange and blue yellow that actually show up really well when lit. I don't know why they discontinued the clear bottles. They were awesome. I think white wax with a coloured master fluid would look really good and show the wax really well.

I am looking forward to getting mine but as I own all the colours I'm gonna do a bit of fluid swapping to get something different. That is unless they give us new ones of course. The tea light lamps are awesome! 

I am anxiously awaiting the roll out of the new Mathmos lamps as well...Where did you find these pictures? I checked their page and didn't see them. 

Marcel said:

Well, I hoped for something more.  

I like them. Nice photo too

Mine arrived in the post this morning! 

I got a Pod+ in pink/blue, at first glance looks lovely. It's one of the numbered first 100 ones, you get a sticker on the side of the box showing your number. (Not sure if this will really make them more collectible long term, seems a bit gimmicky & not something I'm really bothered about personally) 

I'll try and test it tonight & post some footage. I have struggled with Fireflow in the past, I had to buy bigger candles for my O1 as it would never get going. I think my house is too cold! 

Got my two today and they are an improvement over the fireflow. Little niggles the top rattles when you go anywhere near. When I walk past it's like a little bell ringing constantly and one of the bottles is really tight. You have to really push to get it in and pull at it to get it out. Really think four bottle colours is not enough for 4 models of lamp. 

But they are bright shiny modern and a much improved lamp.

But more colours and a copper variant please. 

I think this design would look fantastic used for the jet bottles, obviously sized up a bit. But would look fantastic would update the Jet model and give all those 10s of thousands of Jet lamps  new lease of life with new bottles available. I just hope Mathmos read these pages and think "Oh yes! That would be a great idea!" 

Well we can hope? 

I want one! I'm guessing they don't ship to the states...

I love my glitter bottles in the pod lamps, as they flow after 30 seconds and does not worry about room or candle temperature:-)

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