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On the latest Mathmos blog, they say they are releasing a new lamp in the autumn. What are your thoughts? Do any of you have any information? 

I am hoping that it's a larger lamp like the lunar, but knowing Mathmos it will be another Neo variant or use the astro bottle. 

Let's at least hope we get some new interesting colourways as the current range is getting a bit stagnant now. 

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Well, they do still make Lunar bottles, so that's certainly not impossible.

Could you link to the post? I don't see anything about a new lamp.

Hi there. Just an update.

On the Mathmos website lava lamps page you can now select Giant lava lamps. Then on the next page, theres coming soon! In bright red. Now a few weeks ago on their Instagram page they showed a picture of three lunar's and asked "would you like to see a giant lava lamp back in our range?"

Could this be the return of the Lunar? Oh lord I do hope so. If not so intrigued to see what this big lamp will be. And I will definitely be buying one. 

Any thoughts or facts anyone? 

If it is a large Lunar globe based lamp I hope it is a revised style not just an exact reissue.   This is good news though. 

Perhaps a truly giant lamp with a Princess sized globe?  A revised and reissued Princess sized lamp would be too much to hope for, but it is possible.  

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