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New 'collaboration lamps' to be unveiled at this year's London Design Festival... Dare we get excited ?



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Tried using different bulbs and nothing makes any change, thought it was getting too much heat or too little. There is something wrong with these lamps, they don't snake up and down like they used to, they break into blobs so fast.

Adara said:

Okay so I got mine on a Friday in the post. I have to say the base is flawless, the glass of the bottle is in perfect condition, hardly any dots of light, no scars, the bottle sits straight and it looks amazing.

Fire it up and wait, the flow on these is really really poor, it just does a blob up and blob down. The quality of Mathmos has really gone down the toilet lately. I don't think I will buy anything from them again. Everytime I do, I just get burnt and would rather stick to older lamps. Since they went halogen, the formula they are using is pure rubbish.

I am tempted to do a youtube video of an old 1990s lamp and the new junk and show them the difference. Although I don't think they'd care much.

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