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I need to purge a lot of my mostly unused items.  All prices shown are for the time in question, shipping will be at cost.  Prices on most items set low to get them to find a new home.  This will stretch into multiple posts.

Let's start with the plasma:

Mega lava plasma, about the size of a 32oz globe, can be set to steady action or can be set to react to sound.  Barely ever used, all original packaging.  $15

Small lava plasma.  Has on/off settings.  About the size of a 20oz globe.  Barely ever used, all original packaging.  $12

Lava Lightning, original box missing the top flaps.  This is the tri-color version, about the size of a 32oz globe.  On/off.  $15

Lava Lightning 2 Green, original box.  These are harder to find.  Has a variable "speed" control.  $25

Lava Lightning 2 Blue, original box.  These are harder to find.  Has a variable "speed" control.  $25

With Design In Mind 6 inch plasma ball in black acrylic case.  This is a fairly close copy of the original plasma by Larry Albright (I have one of those too, not for sale, which I can provide as a comparison).  The lamp has a variable intensity on/off switch and a sound sensitivity switch.  The sound sensitivity can be turned off so it just runs continuously.  Can't budge on this one at $100 bit it is a VERY pretty lamp in very nice condition.

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I'll take these if you still have them

Midnight cranberry/clear.  Clear is slightly yellowed, pretty common for the cranberries.  Flows great, will need a dimmer to work best.  Clouds slightly at first but clears up with repeated runs. Original box.  $15

Midnight pink/pink.  Colors sound horrible but it is a good looking lamp on a Midnight base.  Flows well, can be helped with a dimmer.  Original box.  $15

Sorry, those two just shipped out today to other members.

Also sold were the purple glitter Wizard and the Midnight/blue glitter.  The big plasma and other glitters are still available as well as the two newer lamps.


Someone please buy the Lava Phone!  Someone buying that would clear up a lot of room in my office!  It is a nice lamp, a minty fresh in the box.  Even the box is pretty near perfect.

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