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Voting is now open for a one day astro special filling. 

Colours are

Blue Yellow

Violet Green

Blue Orange

I am not on fbook so cannot vote, but am hoping for Violet Green. 

£90 for a complete lamp or £45 for just the bottle. 

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Hoping for violet/green also, probably won't bother otherwise. Blue/orange seems to be winning so far on facebook.

If they are available as full lamps this time then I hope you can get them with other bases rather than the standard chrome, violet/green with copper could be quite striking.

Blue/orange is winning by a huge number on Instagram too, but Mathmos messed up and used a video of what appears to be a stock blue/green while saying it was violet/green... 

They said on FB that they also have an astro baby/telstar vote coming up, hoping they get some more interesting liquid colors in the mix. Not sure if I'll get this blue/orange or should hold out for that.

They're certainly not the most stunning colour combinations I've ever seen. 

I won't be touching blue orange. I bought the limited edition pretty green in blue orange and quite frankly hated it. Sold it on eventually. 

If they don't do the violet green. I will probably do a masterfluid swap to make one. 

Let's hope the telstar baby one day special is a bit more inventive. Really hoping for clear white so i can restore my millennium telstar back to it's former glory. 

Mathmos is sooooo boring. They make this Astro Voting, but there you get one combination they recently had with pretty green, and another that's availabe for Astro Babies, and only one really new combination (violet green).

What a big hoo-ha about an odd choice...

(and of course these bottles will be more expensive than the normal product range - thank you, Mathmos)

I don't really begrudge the price. I certainly don't have any insight into Mathmos's finances, but I don't get the sense that they have tremendous margins.

It is a little disappointing that my favorite two combinations (violet/green and blue/orange) are literally just a color swap between two existing combinations. Seems like they could just offer to fill a bottle with whichever colors you want out of their lineup, for a premium, and be done with it.

It occurred to me to just buy a blue/green and violet/orange and swap them myself, but shipping rates from Europe to the US can be a little crazy right now. (Unless you're a large company, of course. It's weird that I'm able to get literal 2-day shipping from both the UK and Germany right now for about $15, while the same thing would cost me about $100 — as much as the actual products I ordered — if I did it myself.)

I agree entirely. They should go back to what Crestworth used to do. Choose your master fluid, then choose your wax colour. Everyone is happy??? 

You can’t get what you want all the time I suppose, the ‘one-day-one-offs’ seem a reasonable compromise, if there’s decent participation then there will likely be more to come.

Anyway - poll update, if anyone's interested - blue orange still ahead with 440 votes, purple green with 385 and blue yellow last with 91, but still a few days for the poll to run so far from ‘ fait accompli’

I'm in the same camp of willing to buy if purple/green wins, but not if blue/orange wins. For those new to importing to the USA and are wondering about costs we have a guide here on the process.


Okay, so it's  gone 9am, so the polls have closed. Can one of you guys go on fbook and instagram to see who's officially won? And let us know. 

I'm not on social media. So can't look. Thanks. 

Not anything in the way of an ‘official announcement’ so far, but blue/ orange seems to lead in the Facebook poll, I’m not on Instagram so can’t check that.

Well, it's official now - the run will be for blue/ orange. Ho-hum...

Hopefully the Telstar/ Astrobaby specials will yield some interesting colour options (and that the interesting one actually wins the poll)

Hmmmm let’s hope these don’t stick like the Blue / Red  & numerous other bottles do & where are the new Lunar / io bottles they promised. The Pink /Turquoise is so dark it’s only visible with a backlit wall  or brightly lit room & 3 Bottles later the wax is still sticking. Let’s hope bottle number 4 will be better……

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