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hi everyone. as ive said before im new to the world of lava lovelyness and my collection is virtually zilch.
the only one i had was my grande that i was given as a birthday present from my daughter on the 10th.
since then ive gone lava loopy!
seriously,i love 'em!!. ive so far purchased another 5 from ebay but only one of them has arrived so far so i thought id take a couple of pics to share with you guys and hopefully as i collect more ill post a pic of them here too.

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HAHA we ALL started with JUST one.....see us in a few years !! Welcome to the world of lava.

How do know which box goes with which lamp? I know some of them have printed id on the outside, but some boxex are just generic. Heck I only have 8 lamps and am having a little problem keeping it straight.
That's an impressive pic...

JACK - The PUMPKIN KING! (in that deep voice like in the movie).

Always love your pics man. Very nice.
Today,i have got myself another 3 lamps ive added the photos to my profile if your interested in having a look.
Bohdan is truly the Lava Master.

Some great and rare items here and lots of lovely packaging to admire to admire the artwork of.
thanks astrobaby, i got my first mathmos a week or so ago.they definately are the beez neez.

its the green one on the right.
not sure what emake the two other ones are though

the best is yet to come though. i was out walking my dog today and out the corner of my eye i saw something shiny sticking out the top of a skip.

as i got closer i saw what it was.... a mathmos telstar rocket!! it looked ok but the liquid had gone cloudy/milky but i thought, "im having this!!"
ive given it a good clean up but i cant do anyhing with the cloudiness.no even sure how old it is.
it has a number inside,659307.
im hoping i can find a new bottle for it.
ill upload a picture of it when i get five minutes..

i picked this astrobaby up off ebay for about £10.

here is the telstar rocket i found in thetop of a skip while walking my dog.
i dont know how old it is but it has this number inside .659307.
the picture doesnt show how milky it looks because of the flash. but when its switched on in the dark the water is a pale white.
gotta find a nice cheap bottle for it now as this is soooo cloudy.not bad for a freebee though
crikey! is there any room left for you? haha.
that must have taken years to get a collection like that
Cool find and for free too. You'll know the astrobaby bottle fits this one perfectly!
I haven't seen orko in years thanks for the memories I remember every day after school I AM HEEEE MAAAAANNNN coming from the television I watched it and I'm a girl :)

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