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As a result of a recent unexpected event, I will now be taking pre-orders for Mathmos Lunar bases machined from new aluminum and polished to mirror finish.

This is the base cone only, it does not include the legs.

These will be made by a local machinist who owns a laser cutter and CNC machine

The overall material will be thicker where the legs attach, so any future "WHOPPSIS" will not damage the base as easily

The steel tabs that screw into the legs that currently hold the bottle will no longer be needed.
A simple lip will be machined into the base to set the bottle on and holes pre-drilled for the Allen screws to reattach the legs.

Costs just for quality 6" x 8" Aluminum material for one, is $100, (without design and CNC time or polishing)

As we add more to the order, the prices drastically drop.

As an option, single Chrome plating may be available for @$250 for the entire 5 aluminium parts of the lamp. (Small pits, nicks may show if they are too deep)

please get ahold of me via PM or post here to reserve yours before March 17th 2017

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Currntly have confirmed orders for two (including mine) and one tenative

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