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hi guys


just to let you know the new smart astros are now in and ready for dispatch, i had email from mathmos yesterday

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They have probably changed some of the softwere and / or hardwere to deal with the issues

They have released 3 vershions - blue to red, green to yellow, green to blue

Hey, as long as people are getting emails from Mathmos...how'sabout someone ask them when the US site will be up?


I wonder if there's any chance we'd be able to get US-wired Smart Astros. That would be sweet! I'd love to have one. 

Does anyone know whether Mathmos will post these internationally? (They're not on the Aust. website).

Is there anyone on here who bought one of the first smart astros online from Australia or outside of the UK? (I've emailed Mathmos and I'm getting a little antsy waiting for a reply.)

I'd love to get a smart astro but they dont ship to the USA and the sites that do dont have them in stock.
I can tell you, Smart Astros are so cool. I've just received a pair and they are absolutely stunning.
looks exactly the same to me, the only difference is that this one works
same box as before but not numbered
Wow I didn't realise these came with coloured wax. I naturally assumed that they were clear and white wax with the wax illumintated by the coloured LEDs. The two i've just taken purchase of are clear/ lemon yellow and clear/purple respectively.  They really are highly attractive in full flow even without the colour changing.
True when you say the box design is the same as before but without the limited first number run recorded.  For those who got the first batch, it's still nice to have one of the first phase of Smart Astros in a numbered box (1-1000). Did anyone here get number 1? or 1000 for that matter.

krissyfromswindon said:
same box as before but not numbered

Please tell me how I can order a Smart Astro


Much Thanks!

If you are in the US then check out Electroplanet if not then the best way is to probably buy one off Mathmos directly as they ship internationaly and to the UK easley.

Hey, everybody.  I got my second generation Smart Astro yesterday. I ordered it from electric planet out of the UK and had it shipped to my home in Canada which took five days in total – – quite fast in my opinion!  The total cost for the Iamp including shipping, duties, customs, and taxes, was about USD $215 and worth every penny of it!


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