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I picked up probably one of my new all-time favorites today at my Spencer’s. White wax with clear liquid, this lamp is glamorous! The wax looks yellowish in photos but it truly is a beautiful white pearl color in-person. It has a real trippy look going for it with swirling illusions all around, and also looks cool displayed alongside the Psychedelic Swirl series, must I add. It’s like that black n’ white swirl that we never got. Overall it looks nicer in-person, the photos just don’t do it justice.

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I saw this post and I ran right to spencers.com and got one. I haven’t had great luck in the past with buying lamps from Spencers, and I’m hoping mine won’t be cloudy! Spencers will not let you return a cloudy lamp.

Kyle, I was tempted by this lamp.  I saw it when I got the "gold" one.  They had one set up in their display and it looked cool.

Rach, if you buy in store most of the time the clerks are OK, if you ask first, with letting you open the box to check to make sure they are clear before you buy.  At least at mine they seem ok with it.

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