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Well, here's to another item to collect....LOL

A few months back, I decided that I needed to get a Lava Lite to go with my 70's made Marantz stereo system.

Have not found one locally just yet, but a friend of mine has quite a few that he will be parting with soon.

The 3 in the picture attached are all 90's, but I NEED a 70's made lamp for the era correctness.

Love spinning vinyl and watching the lamps run.

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Here is my Marantz setup:

welcome, bill!  if you can't find one locally, ebay has what you need.

Nice vintage setup!!!  Oh how I miss my Kenwood system!!!  especially my turntable....when cd's came out, I got rid of my turntable and all my vinyl...I never thought I would look back....worst mistake in my life.....

Start hitting the thrift stores local to you, I'd bet eventually you can build your system back up.

I've got 4 speakers set up, one or other set is used depending on the music.

One set is Wharfdale W60's and the other is a set of Design Acoustics DA-4's

I love marantz as well, I found some beat up HD 550s on our towns clean up day. I'll have to get them fixed up soon. Right now I'm using my jbl l100's, and pioneer cs99a's. I love vintage audio equipment. All of mine is from goodwill, flea markets, yard sales, etc. These places also happen to have lava lamps most of the time. Good luck finding your 70's lamp!

Nice setup.  I still have my old turntable, etc too.  However I would not trade my ready access to all my digital music, I ripped and converted my entire library to a lossless digital format and being able to quickly access all my music and take it all with me as I travel is priceless to me.....12K+ songs all at my fingertips.  That said I kept all the vinyl and old cd media even after the conversion because sometimes you gotta go old school even if only for nostalgic reasons.  You definitely need a vintage Lava or two and maybe some fiber optic.

Don't forget craigslist, I see older ones every so often...actually picking another 70's lamp up saturday. I had the best luck by posting want ad's for lava lamps.

Keep us posted!

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