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I recently bought a lava lamp on amazon. A 14" model that doesn't flow very well, at least not compared to the videos posted here.

Is there a good approach to changing the lamp myself or is it better to look for a different lamp altogether?

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My advice - look for a different lamp. I suggest searching area listings on Craigslist or possibly eBay.

The problem with your lamp is two-fold; too small and made in China.

I recommend finding a used American-made Lava Lite. Minimum size will be 17"/32 ounces (whereas yours is likely 20 ounces). Better yet, step up to a 52 ounce lamp (same height). American formula is way better than they use in China and you'll get better flow out of a larger globe.

keep looking i would hit thrift stores. i found a 32oz midnight century model for $4 at goodwill! and several others for less than $10

I agree with both Jim and Chris-with the small lamps there's jus not much room to put on a good show.  The small lamps I've seen it's pretty much one blob up, one blob down, repeat.  Almost everyone here agrees, the lamps made in China pale in comparison to the older American-made lamps as far as the flow.  Thrift stores and garage sales are definitely good places to look, so is CraigsList.  You might even decide to buy a larger lamp that looks crummy, and re-do it yourself.  There's lots of info and people that can help here, if you decide to do that.  But definitely, if you are looking for impressive flow, you'll need to get a larger lamp.  Good luck! 

I even did what is called a "goo-kit" on my 20 oz china clear/black and I must say that the flow did improve "some", but it basically doesn't have the room to stretch out and do it's thing.  Also, even thought it may be a nice "trial" or "experiment" lamp if one is attempting a 1st time goo-kit, why spend the money to kit a 20 oz'er?  Why not go for broke and goo kit a larger size lamp?  So yep, another member agreeing who has even attempted a fix on a 20 oz, it's just not worth it!!

Thank you for the replies. I'm searching craigslist and amazon for a much larger lamp. The one blob up, one blob dow, repeat lamp just doesnt cut it. I love the collasus lamps but one step at a time.

Thanks again

To penn Keith's phrase.......(which I luv) we call that a juggler!!!!

Went with a 250oz lamp by LavaLite. Great choice.  Now wondering about a glitter lamp.  Thanks for the help. Needless to say - hooked.

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