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Bought an Obama lava lamp from big lots about 4 years ago to piss of my republican friends

Worked great for a while-----but not anymore (lamp that is---it still pisses them off in a broken state)

After much reading ive figured out that my globe size is 32 oz    (its blue liquid with green wax)

it takes a 40watt bulb and the cradle is about 4.5 inches in diameter


Question is-------I want to buy a mathmos globe to put in there but they dont specifically list oz. sizes or diameters of the cradle 

Does anyone know which mathmos globe will best fit my lamp base


Gotta get this baby fired up for the election year

thanks in advance



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Is this what it looks like? Either way, it's most likely made in China, since lava lamps are no longer made in the US.

Obama lamp

yep thats the one---got some great advice here on how to restore it-----probably is made in china---but it has the white beer bottle cap and the number is H3410   09022701C


the base is most definatly made in china----it has a sticker inside that says made in china-----so can i be safe in assuming that the globe was made there as well?

Yea its a china made one so that would be why its so dodgy.

If you want to get it working better then the best option would be to find a USA made globe from Ebay.

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