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Looks like LavaLamp has ended the Colossus. The end of an era?

No stock available in any color combination.

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I saw a few Lava Lamps at Target as well. Wonder if they suffer the same fate. :/
Because 90% of buyers don't know any better. If it lights up and maybe moves a little bit, it's a lava lamp.

I did see some people at a Fry's Electronics wanting one, but complaining about the cloudiness of the display models. I told them to look up Mathmos if they want a good lava lamp, told them a tiny bit about the quality and where to look.
I stopped in my local Spencer's last week, not a thing with the Lava logo... I asked the manager if they were discontinuing to sell them & it's a huge yes, for the Cincinnati tri-state area.
good news that it sounds like they still may have some. i better start saving!
Wow, they are gorgeous. I wish I had one (and a bigger house). :-)
Too cool! How much, Bohdan? Maybe there's hope of my area getting the Lava back.

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