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Does anybody know, if the bottles of Nova Illusions Lava Lamps fit in a Mathmos Jet base?

Nova Illusions product info says: "Styled similarly to the no-longer-available Mathmos Jet lava lamp"...

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Has no one here in the forum one of these Nova Ilusion lamps?

I've been wondering about this too - tried a couple of UK suppliers but they didn't have any spare bottles/globes.

Anyone know where they are made?

Could try manufacturer...

Says the dimensions of Nova Illusion are 13cm x 7cm x 7cm so I'm going to guess no.
Sorry, 37cm x 7cm x 7cm.

More general:

Has anybody a source for other bottles one could use on a Jet instead of the original Mathmos bottes?
Some booze bottles for exeample?    

I have so many Jet bases, but far too less bottles...

The Nova Illusion with it's 7x7x37 could work - the original Jet Bottles are lower, but that should be no problem, as long as they fit into the base. But a new Nova also costs a lot of money.

I am looking for something less expensive


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