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 Great site. I found the Lave Lamp at a yard sale about 3 months ago. From doing research on this site, I think it's a 1968-1970 Aristocrate. It's the screw off top type and smells strong when opened. I have not had time to investigate it further. I had it on for about 1 hour and the lava did not move. I have some pics now and will get a pic of the little blue label inside base. I know it states a model number but is hard to read. it also has a UL number.I would like to know what year this is from. Any help is welcome. Thanks, Mark

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What bulb is in it? If it isn't a 40 watt then get a 40 watt a15. If it is just give it more time. The lava will melt first, then spike up and solidify again. Then the solid spikes will melt and the flow begins. Even after the spikes are melted give it a while to achieve full flow.

Here is a 40 watt a15. They also can be frosted.



Also what color is the cable. That can help determine the year. 

it will take a few hours to get going, especially if it  hasn't been run in awhile.

That is indeed an Aristocrat, likely 70s. They take awhile to get going, so leave it on for a few hours and run it each day to get it back into peak form!

Erin, what is the difference between the aristocrat and the century? In the library section they look the same to me.

The base, really. The Century base has a black plastic "cap" on the bottom with feet. Other than that, they are identical - they both take 52oz. globes and 40W bulbs. 

Here's some basic info about each:



That's quite the small difference for 2 lamps, I thought there would have been more to it.

Nope! It's very subtle. The Century is more sought-after, generally, speaking. 

I got a century not very long ago, could have just as easily been an aristocrat I guess. too bad the lava is weird.

The lava may even out with regular running. Unless it's separated. Just keep running. If there is a date/model sticker, it will be under the cap between the glass threads of the bottle and the plastic cap, like this: http://oozinggoo.ning.com/page/lamp-age

Thanks for the help from everyone! Kempton, the power cord is a very dark brown almost black.The small blue sticker inside the base is the only ID. I will have to get a close up photo of it. I think there is a model number and other info but its hard to read. Erin, from my research the Aristocrat base is also different around the middle then the Century. The bottom section is longer then the Century. Hopefully after the pics and more info I can find out the year this is made. I will check the bulb and also let it run for a few hours each day. Thanks again, Mark

Good luck! :)

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