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Old Pifco Christmas Lights - Anyone else collect them?

Hey Guys,

As well as being into my Mathmos lamps i ave also been collecting Pifco Christmas lights (UK only) for about 7 years now, have got a pretty big collection of well over 150 sets which are mostly boxed. After 4 long years of searching i finally picked up the set that started my fascination with lights from when i was in primary school, a boxed set of Pifco Christmas Stars. Sadly i had a bit of a disaster yesterday and stood on one of the shades while i was putting them up, couldnt believe i did it but its done now so no point crying over spilt milk and i think with a bit of patience i can glue it back together.

Anyway if anyone else is also into collecting them get in touch, or if anyone knows of or has another set of christmas stars or any Pifco light sets (boxed or unboxed) which they wouldnt mind parting with in my direction please get in touch and we can sort something out. Nogt worried if they have some shades missing as i can use them for spares.

Thanks guys
Dan :)

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How gutting :( Pifco lighst were made to last and the boxes themselves are a work of art, far more interesting than the boring rubbish thats on offer these days. You can still get the screw-in lamps if you know where to look so mine will be still going for many years to come i hope!
Forgot to ask what sort of lights were they?
I have a few sets which i've collected over the years and not necessarily Pifco although i do find them charming. See my pics for a really old set of Vesta Christmas lights too. This year i've decided to utilise my collection and actually use them on trees and around the house instead of just keeping them in their respective boxes.
There's some really nice vesta sets out there, their not really my thing which is why I collect the pre noughties pifco lights. I use some of my old sets every year tho not as many this year, as I've moved house I haven’t really got as many places to hang lights. On the plus side I’ve managed to find a replacement shade for the one I broke, Pifco made a set of lights called "Tutti Fruti" which was 20 different shades from a selection of the sets the made. One was a Christmas star in the colour I broke - how lucky! I don’t use the Tutti Fruti set as they just don’t look right with all different shades, and I’ll be more likely to pick up another set of them to replace my missing shade than a set of the Christmas stars! Anyways keep collecting and use them every year, don’t keep them hidden away!
Hi have 3 boxes of pifco lights from 1920's stars, bells, etc if you are interested we could agree a deal if you want to send me your email address I can send you some photos
Kind regards

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