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In the absence of more interesting newbies one has to be thankful if anything new happens in Dorset...

I just found on Mathmos website that there is a new color combination for the AstroBabies respectively TelStars:
Blue liquid - pink lava.

This is the blue you find in Mathmos most common combination (blue liquid - green lava) and it looks fine along with the pink wax. At least on the photos...


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@Nee: Are the Neo bottles exactly the same shape as the AstroBaby / Telstar ones?

Or do they just somehow fit into the base?

And did you ever try a 25W or even 15W Bulb instead of the dimmer?

They are exactly the same size. I would try a 25w bulb, I think 15w would not give off enough heat. Check out amazon for socket dimmers, mine was only five pounds and works brilliantly with halogen and incandescent bulbs but wont work on led or cfl bulbs. 

Dimmers are really good because you can leave your lamp on as long as you like without causing any damage. I have my astro and telstar on dimmers. 

Sorry to answer your question, I have only tried lower wattage bulbs in my astro and found that a 30w spot works well but takes an age to heat up. I havent tried anything different in my telstar, I am still on the original bulb after about 15 years! 

Has anyone got one of these new colourways yet? Would be interested to see how they actually look.

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