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I have been having trouble with my new lava lamp.
What happens is the wax inside warms up and one section of the wax parts and floats to the top,and the other bigger section just remains on the bottom, It is a 52 Oz lamp,and i am using a 40 watt bulb,
I tried using a 40 watt industrial bulb,but the wax did Not even part it just sat at the bottom,And just to make sure that im not being impatient and not letting it warm up enough, i left it on over night ,and into the day. Should i bring it back to the store? If anyone can help me out it would be great
Thanks your friend,
p.s.. It is a LAVA brand lamp that was bought about 4 days ago,and i have been using a clear bulb not frosted

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Personally I would take it back and search craigslist to find one made in the late 90's. That's what I did after being unsatisfied with two of the newer lamps.
Blue green
Yea just take it back and get your money back and get one off of ebay or craigslist. Don't buy the new crap because it is made in China not Chicago, IL anymore. Take a look at my comparison videos of the USA lamps Vs. the china ones.


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