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Who knows, maybe.  Anyways - I know Chow for one has had hunger pangs ever since he heard about the wonderful concoction known as Manicotti Hotdogs.  I have made these for a vegetarian friend who likes to call them "ManiDogs".  Do NOT make these with "Quorn" dogs (freaky compressed mushroom "meat") - they suck.  Use high quality kosher dogs.  Tell your vegetarian friends to go eat some dandelions.


Ingredients - dozen hot dogs, tub of cottage cheese, basil to taste, oregano to taste, 1 egg, bread crumbs, dozen manicotti noodles, jar of spaghetti sauce, pound of shredded mozzarella (see below).


Bring large pot of water to boil.  When ready, drop in the noodles and cook according to directions.  Cook all the noddles in the box - a couple will undoubtedly split while cooking.


Meanwhile, butterfly a dozen hotdogs without slicing your hand open.   Mix the cottage cheese, basil, oregano and egg.  Add bread crumbs to thicken mixture.  Stuff hotdogs with mixture and then slide stuffed dog into manicotti noddle. 



Arrange enrobed stuffed doggies in 9 X 13 cake pan - two rows of six.  Dump the jar of spaghetti sauce over the whole hot mess.  Then top with a pound of shredded mozzarella.  Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30  minutes.  Remove foil and cook 15 minutes longer.  Advanced move - crank the broiler at the end to get that perfect golden finish to the cheese.


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Oh no, he is quite the big boy.  Where you really notice the size difference compared to a standard cat is in length.  I will have to send over some additional pics.  He is an absolutely stunning cat with, hand's down, the strangest mannerisms of any cat I have ever met.  Stretches identically to a dog and loves to sleep on his back.  And not just sorta sleep on his back, but paws splayed out to the sides with the belly completely exposed.  He is also built for snow; the fur between the pads extends a good solid inch beyond the pads.  He gladly came outside for a cruise through the backyard even after the big blizzard this winter.


He was a shelter find, although I did have to venture to Eau Claire, WI to see him.  I melted the second I saw his picture.  Now that I know what the breed is like I would gladly pay a breeder the big bucks they typically ask for these guys ($500+).

Rici Faulkner said:

So is this a Giant MC or a not-so-giant one?


He really is beautiful


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