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hi guys.

recently picked up a bargain ( apparently ) at a boot sale - a mathmos astro for £5

guessing it started life as a green wax / clear liquid - now it's green wax and murky liquid.

when run, the wax loiters at he bottom of the bottle in one molten lump, only occasionally venturing towards the top.

i'm guessing it's the liquid - maybe age as the bottom of the bottle says ' crestworth trading astro '

the top appears to be screwed on but, i can't budge it - am i weak and feeble or will the cap never unscrew, needing the bottle opener treatment?

i'm almost tempted to just buy a replacement bottle.

thanks in advance!

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they are glued and screwed, but if u heat the cap it does loosen the glue and is easier to get off
thanks for that - i actually just gave it an extra hard twist ( i actually once won a competition in birmingham for ' strongest grip ' which caused my friends to fall about laughing and call me something rude ) and it came apart - now to have a go at refilling - it can't end up worse than it is now.
i was just wondering this myself. i took a hair dryer to it an but still couldn't open it! i was using a rubber thing to help, i need to get a wrench i think!, granted i'm a weakling!
if it helps. it came off in traditional screw off top fashion - and went back on that way.
LOL @ "rubber thing". Do you mean one of those cap twist pads?

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