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Does anyone have any information on this? I did a Google Search and can't seem to find anything anywhere. Was Orange Glitter ever released or is this possibly a custom lamp?





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It was released but VERY rare.

Chantal, here is a link to a pic of original cap codes compiled by Dr. What?!  It will help to determine originals from customs.  Click "view full size" and you can zoom in.


You know, people say it was released, but I've NEVER seen one. No one here has one, never seen on on eBay. Nothin. 

I have one, but it's a custom mix of yellow and red US-made Lava Lite glitter. :)

Okay, how rare are we talking? I just won one off of Ebay about 20 minutes ago and got it for less than $100. It has a dented cap but I'm okay with that because I have replacements. Steal or did I overpay??? I have NEVER seen this one before.

Can you share a link? If we have a cap code, we can help you identify the lamp. 



Here is the link. Someone asked for the cap codes at the bottom but I couldn't find anything based on those numbers.

It looks like the glitter has been "eaten" or disintegrated on that lamp. I remember seeing it listed. My guess is it's a faded red or a clear/multi. Based on the answer she gave about the #s on the cap, it could be a 30 - clear with multi-glitter. I had one and the liquid was not really clear, but had a yellow-ish cast to it. 

You'll have to let us know when you get it! I'm guessing it's not a true orange though. And sadly, I think the glitter has gone clear on that one. 

Thanks for the info. I will definitely send pics when I get it. The seller did say that he didn't really give the lamp a chance to warm up. We shall see. It may end up getting turned into a custom.

I'm not sure WHAT that is! But I hope it's nice!

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