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Our Dear OG Friend - Pete Ball Has Passed Away

As Pete would say, "Sea in my eyes."  You will be sorely missed around here.

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I'll miss you Pete.  I'm so sorry.  Till we meet again, my friend.

Sad to hear about this. I wasn't sure who he was at first because I didn't know him by name. But he was the one with the David Bowie picture that i would always see post the past few years. I don't know the real names of a lot of people here. I found his picture in the "show us your face" topic of the off topic section.

SCOTT13A  real name - SCOTT SMITH

for some reason i am just now seeing this. very sad to hear about pete's passing. he is and will always be a part of the heart and soul of OG, and for that, this place will never be the same. RIP pete

I missed this. :(

Pete was one of my favorite people here, without a doubt. I loved how he spoke in song lyrics. I do that also, and I thought I was the only one. Even though my mathmos lamps weren't bought from him, he was there cheering me on, each time. He even had pet names for the lamps I bought. They will ALWAYS remind me of him.


I wanted to meet him one day.

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