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Hello all,

I live in CA and after much searching yesterday I've discovered that perc in brake cleaners has been banned. I found this out after going to every auto parts store around, and then even going to a dry cleaners. They're the ones who told me about the ban.


So, my question is....is there any alternative? I don't suppose any nice forum member who lives in a "non-green" state would be willing to send me a can if I sent a prepaid box?


Just wondering in CALIF

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Can you order it on Amazon?  I'm in Texas and was able to find it on Amazon.  

Wait -- just checked my Amazon order and it says can't ship to CA or NJ.  Bummer...  If you are going on a road trip out of CA, you could pick some up.  :>)  

I'd be happy to help you out as long as there's nothing illegal about a private citizen shipping some to CA.

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