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Using purple food coloring does not give nearly the same violet that we see in our vintage lamps.

Anyone know the right ratios of red and blue to give the color I am seeking?

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Claude posted the following chart on this thread;


According to the chart, 1 red with 1 blue is violet.

nope, magenta and blue should be the colours of choice starting with magenta adding very small amounbts of blue to it

I have no idea which sort of medium carries the dye in those charts but just as there is a major difference between mixing dyes and mixing coloured light (basicly mixing wavelenght) there are differences in mixing coloured water and for example oil paint. If I should take a guess this charts refer to aquarell dye but with food colouring there is no way of getting magenta by mixing red and blue. Its just too dark to begin with...same with pink...no way. if you add blue to pink or magenta coloured water (like the pink white LL or the inventors brands combo of the same colours) you get pretty close to the purple we know as purple from both brands.

I originally bought purple food coloring on eBay before I discovered it fades over time

DO NOT use food coloring if you can help it

Use Inkjet printer inks

2 drops of blue 1 drop of red (magenta) will get you purple 

(you can fine tune the color with fractional amounts of dye0

All applies very much appreciated.

Claude, you hit the nail on the head! The food coloring always fades to blue and then to clear.

Do you use Epson ink?

I am assuming those are the same ones you ordered and had success.... finger on the buy it now button


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