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Phantom Flower fiber optic lamp does anyone know anything about them please?

Does anyone know anything about a Phantom Flower fiber optic lamp please? It's thought to date to 1969/early 70's. There's a name beginning with "A" but it's so small we cannot read it. It looks very similar to the Crestworth Galaxy, but there's obvious differences. Although the flowers look exactly like flowers found in one of the Crestworth fiber lamps. It lights up and changes colours as it rotates. I need to put a 20w bulb in as per the label, just waiting for them to arrive. We've wanted to add a fiber optic lamp to our collection for a long time, we were looking for a Crestworth Galaxy, then we found this one, beautiful design. 

Any information would be great please :) 

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Alas, Susan, these lovely things are just not bottom-line profitable, I fear...

Craven Walker's Crestworth must have been an amazing place to work, with small-run items chosen for aesthetic reasons... but today's harsher environment takes account of financial reality. The kit that came out of Crestworth in the 60s, 70s and 80s was astonishing, looking back

That said, it's pretty amazing to have kept Mathmos going, look at the trials and tribulations of Lava Lite etc

Here's one last image from this end - I used the black prototype and a spare boxed black (picked up cheaply) to recreate my own DeLuxe Flowerlite, as a partner to the original gold version. Not as dramatic, of course, and - it isn't genuine, though all the parts are...

Happy days!


I love the early items, as a small child of the 1970's I grew up with a Crestworth Astro. That lamp kept my Brother and I occupied for hours and hours, even after the liquid had gone so cloudy you could only just get a glimpse of a bubble now and again, we'd still watch it. I should imagine the love of lava from a young age (and other lighting effects) very much helps to keep Mathmos in business. A continuous circle of child, adult, their children, then adult lol.......

The lamp you are showing in your last photo still looks great even though you say it's not fully original, I'd love to own a lamp like that. 

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