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Picking up a mint 30" x 5" Pacifica Wave Machine for dirt cheap!

$575 with all the packing box and docs!  So happy.  :D

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Not a bad deal at all 

Apparently, the is not supposed to be a bubble in the vessel?  The are instructions on how to remove it, but it doesn't make sense...  ANyone know how?

A guy contacted me through www.wavemotionmachines.com about a year ago asking what he should sell it for.  I told him its really up to the buyer to decide what something like this is worth to them and that they can sell for as high as yours did.  So the other day I was combing through my old emails and saw his and asked if he had sold it.  He hadn't because he didn't want to deal with shipping.  He told me the price and I drove 2.5 hours to get it this morning.  :)

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