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 Ok.. I've retired, and now the wife says I need to get rid of some of these lamps.  I purchased this lamp off of ebay several years ago.  There wasn't even a picture of it, just a lava icon!  I was just goofing around and paid around $10.  When it arrives its this weird color combination.  I then was informed by Bohdan that its a RARE color combo.  Well, hope that makes it more inviting for someone.  I do NOT have the original box..  sorry.  If someone wants to give me directions on how to pack it once they buy it I"ll be glad to do whatever.   I THINK the base its in is the original.  I have pic of another base that might be

the one that came with it.  However, that one isn't working.  I think the cord is broken internally in one spot, I just haven't rewired it.  I have of pic of that base as well.  Hopefully, someone will know which is right and I'll combine accordingly.    I've managed to mix/match several lamps and bases and have now just a gallimaufry of lamps.  Ah well...  I was going to put this on ebay, but thought this forum makes more sense. 

so..  that's it.  The lamp really needs a rheostat... basic 40w bulb gets it too hot.


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Good luck with your sale! It looks like a really nice lamp. :)

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