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Hi everybody :)


At this time i am planing to get a Colossus Lavalamp from England to Germany.

Its very hard to get one to Germany, but i hope i will be successfull.


There are only two colors available.




Does anybody have a picture of a Pink/purple one?

I dont know which color i should get.

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Yes i thought that the pink purple will be very dark, because my pink purple Grande is very dark too.

What lightbulb do i need?

I cant believe that the bulbs should be a problem. In this big base it cant be very complicated to build something special.

For example a round plate with three 60W bulbs or three 100W bulbs.

The socket and bulb will be the smallest problem for me.

I think if i get shipped one to Germany it is the only one in Germany *G*


Do you have a picture of the pink one in the dark ?


What is with this bulb?  L 19.0 cm  x  ø 12.5 cm


One advantage would be that i can run the pink purple in the sleeping room over night :)

I know photos can look very wrong in the dark, i have the same problem. But maybe the photo can help me anyway :) If you have time in the next days and yours is running, it would be very nice, if you can take a picture :)

James Reiche said:

The bulb you mentioned certainly looks like it would work fine, as it is smaller than the new one I have.

I would make sure whatever you use is 200 watts, anything more might be to hot and cause the globe to crack.


My poor photography skills and cheap camera prevent me from taking images in the dark, as I can not figure out how to make them look nice unfortunately.

This is something I need to work on, as lamps definitely appear different in the dark.

The purple/pink globe does look better in the dark, but not as good as the clear/red one does. :)

I only have the Clear and Red Colossus.  Here's a night pic.


do they even sell the colossus anymore? I know they are not selling them on LL's site anymore and I've been told that all the remaining lamps are on hold.
I think so, Stephanie did mention to me that they were looking for another bulb supplier to replace the bulb issue but this was months ago so things may have changed since then. Not to mention the cloudy issue too. I've tried numerous times to get them to sell me one that didn't work but they wouldn't do it. But if I hear anything new I'll let you guys know. Also we've talked about what it would take to refill a colossus with gookits and it would take about 6 kits to do one colossus since the colossus holds 10 gallons of fluid.

James Reiche said:


Do you know if LL has plans on selling the Colossus lamps again?

I would assume so, if they are "holding" their current stock?


I bought my second Colossus, just before they stopped selling them.

When it was delayed in shipping, because of the extreme cold in Chicago, they told me they would need to wait for it to get warmer and ship, or they could cancel my order and send me a refund.

I chose to wait , as I expected if I canceled the order, I would not get to buy another one.

I do regret getting the purple/pink instead of the purple/yellow one, as the purple pink makes the lava look red, very similar to my clear/red.


I wonder how many goo kits would be required for a Colossus.

Has anyone out there attempted a goo kit on a Colossus?

My problem is that Doncaster is far away from London. All carrier companies i asked doenst drive to Doncaster.

Is anybody here in the community who lives near London and who can accept the Colossus Package for me and my carrier takes the package there?

Oh you mean like this? A colossal undertaking undertaking for my first goo kitA friend brought this back to me from when I was in Mississppi. I left it there when I moved back to Pensacola last year. This is what happens when they do not ship via Fed Ex. The lamp was given to a diff. freight compay who in turn gave it to a subcontracting freight company who took it off the pallet and stuffed it in there truck It started as a complete lamp w/ table all the boxes where broken open when it arrived. I like Fed Ex INSIST ON FED EX!!! Their shipping proveded me a perfect transaction.

I posted a video of the colossus purple yellow and purple red


Her is a clear red from a diff member.


Which color would you prefer ?

Pink purple or red clear? And why ? :)

I would want a clear red because they are brighter at night and are less common. One drawback is that the red goo will bleed into the clear fluid. Purple pink is a lot darker and everyone has a purple pink. Ol' girl always complains that the purple pink is too dark. Don't get stuck with the old stlye bulbs either. Check out my thread on colosssus bulbs  I have done a lot of reseach on this.
Marcel said:

Which color would you prefer ?

Pink purple or red clear? And why ? :)

I am happy if i am able to get one to Germany. Seems like the shipping will cost arround 350 Euro.

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