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Hi everybody :)


At this time i am planing to get a Colossus Lavalamp from England to Germany.

Its very hard to get one to Germany, but i hope i will be successfull.


There are only two colors available.




Does anybody have a picture of a Pink/purple one?

I dont know which color i should get.

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Ok thanks :) Warmup time is a good idea. Do you know if bohdans Grande cracked while it was warming up or while it was running? Did you ever heard from a cracked colossus?


Problem for me in Germany is, that we dont have such extenders.

Which bulb are you using now? I found a big 200W Spot from a French company:



L 19.0 cm  x  ø 12.5 cm


this is what mine looked like when it arrived
if you look at the picture with the 2 light bulbs you will see what happens to the wrong bulbs (on the right) they have to be flood light bulbs. I tried others but these lamps are bulb specific. also the new bases are now equipt with a fusable link so if you use the wrong bulb and it fries the link the base will no longer function so be careful what bulb you use.You should contact the lava Lite website to order bulbs. They come in cases of 10.
here is a new to old bulb comparison the new bulb is the bigger one You might get an old style base with the smaller bulb over where you are!
Problem is that the lavalite bulbs (philips bulbs) are all 120V and in Germany we have 230V.
Wow i forgot about that your base will be totally different than mine then.

Marcel said:
Problem is that the lavalite bulbs (philips bulbs) are all 120V and in Germany we have 230V.

Yes. I will see which bulb i can get inside of the base.

My lamp will be collected by the courier tomorrow. If everything works find i will get the lamp Friday :)

In the UK ;)
Not very interesting for the USA.

Today my lamp will be collected and maybe tomorrow I will get the lamp :)
dave p. said:

Hey, Where did you ever locate a Colossus? I'm trying to find one here in the States, but I'm thinking it's a lost cause for the moment?

My colossus arrived today :) Totaly clear and no dents in the cap or base. Just perfect :)

But how do i get the bottle in the Base !? The bottle is so heavy! Any tips?

With two persons and hands arround the top we got the bottle in the base. puuhh... :)
Everytime I go into my room I have to laugh when I see the Colossus :D
No one can believe how big and heavy this lamp is in real! No photo can show this!
When i take a photo and see the photo on the camera display it looks so "tiny". Everyone have to see this lamp in real! :)
I think i will order some more :D
Where did you order this from?

In the UK. Glow Company.


Here a Photo of the Colossus.

In my Profile i added 7 Photos.

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