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Hi everybody :)


At this time i am planing to get a Colossus Lavalamp from England to Germany.

Its very hard to get one to Germany, but i hope i will be successfull.


There are only two colors available.




Does anybody have a picture of a Pink/purple one?

I dont know which color i should get.

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Hehe yes i will :D

I will wait at least 24 hours so that the bottle can get the room temperature.

The bulb was a very bad one. Very askew. But not the socket, the bulb itself.

I ordered 6 200W bulbs in Germany today and maybe i will change the base this weekend.

I hope that this bulb is ok. It is bigger than the old one (in diameter) and taller. I will lower the bulb in the base so that

it is on the same position as the original one.


Can be a 200W bulb hotter than an other 200W bulb just because it is bigger?

It will, but maybe is too hot and the bottle will crack.

I did a modification on a Grande a year ago to get the bulb higher. You have to remove the felt on the bottom and you can remove all screws. The old glue is enough to stick the felt back when you are done.

And believe me... You will not believe how big it is in real!

No photo can show that.

I saw so manny colossus photos and while I was opening my Globebox, I cant believe that the bottle is so big!

I want one!  Anyone out there willing to help get one to the US?  I have been trying to contact the company in the UK, but get no response.
All are sold out in the UK and USA now.

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