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So I picked up a Century off Craigslist (for $10) but the lava appears hopeless at the moment.

I had bookmarked a link on this site, or maybe I thought I did (dang ADD), that had a picture of a tool that someone bought at BB&B to remove this type of cap.

Any suggestions on a good tool, or method, that will result in the least amount of damage to the plastic cap?

As always, any and all replies are greatly appreciated!!

Man, I really don't want to crack the cap.

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the plastic cap on a century will twist off.  the bottle opener you're referring to is for the metal caps.  it's called a push-n-pop and won't bend the cap like a typical opener does.

This is what I was referring to... it is a jar opener.

I will be honest and say that I haven't even tried to twist the cap off by hand. Too many images of Ebay globes with broken caps had me gun shy. I will give it a try tomorrow.


I think you're better off not using a tool if possible.  Sometimes it does take a surprising amount of force to get them off though.


I have a knockoff made in black and it works 100% of the time

good luck!

I hit them with a blow dryer for about a minute or so.  Loosens them enough, so they screw off more easily.  I've used a rubber husband on the more difficult ones.

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