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I just had to share today's rainy sunday project. With one cloudy & non-flowing 10" accent lava lamp, one crystal clear 11.5" with missing base and one $4 tealight oil burner gift set, I was able to assemble  a gem of a candle-powered keeper! No expert here, just messing around. Bottle from 10" fits the frame like a glove, dumped it's cloudy liquid, rinsed with distilled water and refilled with clear china liquid. The satin black spray paint for the cap just happened to go with the stand perfectly. A lucky project for sure, coming out like a nicely produced product. It flows better via candle than it ever did by bulb!

If I could find more of these exact tealight warmer stands I could easily metal file the opening a little bigger and make a version using a larger bottle from an 11.5". Loving the candle powered possibilities!

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Thank you Marley's Ghost!  Now I'm conjuring a grande powered by sterno!! Jk of course

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you did just that!  LOL    I have some cans of sterno you can use.......

Will a 32oz. fit on that gold base and, if so, can you post a picture?

Yes, it will fit. Proportioned like baby huey, but it's as stable as it can be on such a narrow base. 52 oz will also fit, but even more awkwardly. I can't help but wonder how many tealight swap outs it would take to get them flowing?

In that case, I like the 20oz. best, especially the brass base with the orange/clear.

Love these!!  Where do you find the bases?

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