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I am going with $7500 USD.

Person whose prediction is closest to the winning bid will get an enthusiastic "atta boy" or "atta girl" from me... that is all. 

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$4500 USD

last one with naff contents went for £800 odd quids year a so ago, i reckon the way this going £1500.00 but u never know with last min bidding

It went for £2716. $4500 us


Atta boy! 

Brad said:

$4500 USD

Awesome guess Brad! NOW WHO WON IT?

should i sell mine now LOL

Blew my £1,555 bid out the water.

Congrats on your win Erin!

LOL just messin' with you.

HA! I can't even afford the shipping on that thing. 

No Johnny you should enjoy it as long as you can. You would regret that sale I am sure.

Johnny said:

should i sell mine now LOL

Yep state side buyers add another $1000 US to that tab....and likely a bit more than that.

Erin said:

HA! I can't even afford the shipping on that thing. 

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