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Hi and thanks for accepting me into your group.

I know almost nothing about Lava Lamps. I sell vintage glass and china on Etsy. We get most of our things for the store from flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores and occasionally from other people and I take things on commission if it feels right. 

I have 2 lava lamps that belong to my mother. I've had them in the store for over a month and they get lots of views but they haven't sold. I listed both on Ebay as buy it now and they had lots of watchers but didn't sell. I'm wondering if I have them priced too high?

I have a Snowman and a Santa from Haggarty's Icon Series. Both are still in the box, both have been used a time or two and both do still work. You can see them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WellKissMyGlass?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

I priced the Snowman at 150.00, the Santa at 125.00

I relisted them in an auction on ebay instead of buy it now and they get plenty of views, but no bids.

Do I have them priced too high? I have the only Snowman I can find on ebay and the Santa is one of like 3 available and mine is the cheapest.

Mom bought these when she worked in a video store years ago. She enjoyed them each year and kept them in good working order and stored well. But now her health isn't great and she is downsizing from a big farmhouse to a small apartment and stuff has to be sold.

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Your price is spot on

I was one of those watching them

Last year, I paid $159n ( including shipping)  for my snowman at peak christmas season and $142 for Santa,

The lava lamp market is just soft right now.

I go to advanced search on Ebay and see what has sold, and I see lamps I own going for 3/4 to 1/2 of what I paid for them few years ago.

I do recall there was one other person selling them for lower price but they didn't sell either and its relisted.

Thank you it's nice to know my estimates on pricing were reasonable. I have them relisted now as an auction instead of a buy it now. I'm not good with ebay, etsy I understand better so this is probably the last time I'll put them on ebay.

Do you think they would sell better if I listed them as a pair? I also need to find out about any special shipping instructions in case they do sell. They are in the original boxes with most if not all of the original packaging (Styrofoam inserts) and I ordered boxes to fit over the boxes. I have bubble wrap, packing peanuts and cardboard inserts already since I'm used to shipping delicate items. Is there anything else I should know?

Thanks again, I never know what we'll find when we go out hunting for items to sell. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend buy abandoned storage buildings and I sometimes get some very unique things from those, my oldest daughter and her husband tear down old houses and buildings and often find odd little things and my husband travels for work and stops at flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores up and down the East Coast and Southern US. I usually only deal with the dishes and household items but if you are ever looking looking for something in particular, let me know and I'll look for it.



Your welcome

SIngle listing is best

Anything that lights up that is vintage

Everyone is different, and have different collection parameters

Myself, I'm a completist and try to get one of everything made and have almost 400

Is nearly Impossible to collect every lava lamp.

I am missing a few vintage 

Id say buy anything that is vintage,, as it will always sell,

You can review them here: http://oozinggoo.com/gallery/g-vintage.html

It is missing a few vintage lamps but you will get the picture

A good indicator is to go\ to ebay  and click on advanced search and see what has recently sold.

Myself, i am missing a squiggle decorator, squiggle aristocrat (black), a Capri, a Alladin, and Continental

Attached are some vintage advertising






Some of those are really cool and some look a bit strange. I'll keep my eyes open. I may find more as we continue to clean out mom's attic.

Unfortunately Icon lamps have really dropped in price over the last few years  :(

Not sure why as they are nice ceramic USA made lava lamps from the 90's with dimmers and they were hand painted so no two are exactly the same.

I paid an average of $200.00 for each of mine and my snowman cost me $300.00 about 5 years ago.

It might be best to hold onto those lamps and sell them later when price/demand goes up. ( assuming that happens )

Well at least they aren't huge or hard to store. Hanging on to them won't be a big deal

I hang onto a lot of lamps.


Looks like my basement, but mines mostly china! 

Melissa, Was this lamp one of yours?

Wow, I wish LOL 

No I just had a Snowman and a Santa. I sold mine Monday. A man bought both, not a collector, just someone who wanted them for Christmas decorations for his family. His kids are small and they loved them. I printed off care instructions and they had the original instructions included. I worried about shipping but they arrived safely :)

Now I have 46 lots of Table Top Role Playing Game books and one page adventures from the first RPG subscription service if you know anyone who plays Dungeon and Dragons type games ;) 

Glad they sold for you

Tabletop-nobody i know sorry

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