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So I recently bought a purple/yellow Grande and last weekend I got a matching 52 oz. lamp from Spencer's. I like this color combo WAY more than I thought I would so I went to Toys R Us and bought a matching purple/yellow accent lamp. The fluid in these 3 are all like a magenta purple, deep and rich. The lava transitions in colors (probably why I like it so much) from yellow at the bottom to orange and then to red at the top, varying in color depending on how thick the blob is. Well the Grande came with a 14.5" purple/yellow that's more of a pinkish lavender color than the others (same 25 color code) and being a completist, I want one in each size available but I want them to match each other. Today I found a bunch of purple/yellow 14.5" lamps at my local K-Mart in both black and in white packaging tubes and I bought one. It's a bit darker than the 14.5" that came with the Grande but the fluid is still more of a lavender where the other sizes are more magenta.


My questions are:


1. Are the 14/5" lamps all a lavender purple? I thought originally that maybe it was the smaller globe but the accent lamp is as deep as the Grande and the 52 ounce globe.


2. Are the black tube packages older than the silver tubes or vice versa and do I have a better chance of finding the dark fluid in either or? Or will I simply not find that great fluid color in this size lamp?

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My 14.5" purple/yellow has a dark-ish purple color when turned off, but when on it is very light, like you said more like lavender. My purple/yellow grande is completely cloudy, and so when off, it is actually a darker of a purple than the 14.5", but when on it turns to a light pink because of the cloudiness. These are the only 2 lamps I own in that color combo, I don't know if this will help or not, but I figured I would toss what I know out there. I have no clue about the tube colorings.

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