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High folks,

some days ago I purchased an Astrobaby bottle, and now I want to modificate it.

The colorway is violet-tourquoise. I thought this combination was only sold for Neos, but this one is clearly an Astrobaby without any plastic coating. The violet is pale and washed out in comparison to the violet-tourquoise Neo I have in my collection.

I plan to fade away the violet completely and then dye the clear liquid yellow, to reproduce the phantastic yellow-tourquoise Astro colorway, which was never sold in any other bottles as far as i know. 

Does anyone of you have Ideas how to fade the liquid best? I just started to place the bottle in bright daylight, with an outward covering of the lower part to protect the wax from direct sunlight.

After three days the violet got slightly lighter (and somehow begins to disappear), but simultaneously the liquid also became a bit cloudier.

If this continues I have to change my strategy - maybe dispose the liquid immediately and mix a new one? Beside the distilled water I should have everything here I'd need. 

Or place the bottle outside direct sunlight? 

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Ich würd sie eher filtern

durch filtern anschließend das Trübe wieder raus kriegen?

oder gar das violett raus filtern???

No one ever tried to fade Mathmos original color to clear?

 I've faded some to clear before by just leaving the bottle out in the sun, the liquid stayed clear.

They should really bring back the yellow/turquoise too, great colour. 

The lava in the yellow - green/blue astro bottle is not the same as the turquoise in the current violet/turquoise bottles.

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