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Hi all, 

I'm sure this will have been asked before but I've tried checking the other threads and can't find the right info. 

I have a couple of recent limited edition lamps and just wondered, if I want to change the bottle should I buy a regular (polished silver) astro-type bottle or a heritage one?

I assumed that because they're newer they'd probably take heritage ones, but I've run old bottles on my anniversary one and they seem to be ok. I haven't got a heritage bottle to try, and don't want to invest if it won't run well on it. I do like some of the new colour combos though, so I'm hoping they'd work. 

I've got a 50th anniversary lamp and a marbled 'editions' one. 

I've also got an old copper crestworth, does anybody have experience of heritage bottles on those? It seems to take forever to warm up so maybe as a cooler lamp it'd be ok. (I can get the specific info on that if it helps)

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