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Love 'em. I nabbed pics from your old website before it shut down so I'd have a ready resource for colors and used it all the time while I was building my collection. You are one of my Lava Heroes LampHead.
the clear/orange one is my fave!
Just like to ask how many lava do you own a great collection and cool colours, why not keep collecting once you start you can't stop there great.
I have maybe...200...maybe more. Im in the process now of cataloging everything I got. I wish I had taken pics of all my boxes before I put them away, I have so many. Once I fill all my display areas some of the extras may go up for sale.

Bohdan, the orange Alien holds a special place in my heart, it was a fun project

I have the orange cap around somewhere...LOL

Yep, I think 4 of them

el Metador, the globe on Toady is a #29 lime wax/ yellow fluid. Pam at End of the Rainbow is the only one I know that ever sold them, it came with the flouresent lime base.

Ultrafixtion, the yellow yellow is a yellow Electric, they were around a few years before being discontinued. They are rare but I still see them once in a while.


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