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So about ten days ago during a routine Craigslist scan I came across a lamp Ive been wishing to find and buy for such a long time but despite the countless hours spent searching online and any other possible source of vintage lamps (garage sales, thrift stores, etc.) ive been coming up empty handed, until now! The lamp I was looking for was any color USA made Giant but couldn't find one for sale because everyone that owns one came to realize the value and rarity of them and decided to hold on to them or is asking a ridiculous amount for it.


Anyways, searching CL after work last Thursday I found this blue/white Giant posted 8 days ago and decided to immediately call the seller to find out that she still had it but also learned that she had no intentions or desire to work with me on shipping and insisted it was impossible to ship since the lamp weighed 60lb (according to her). Since the lamp was quite a far drive from me (500 mile round trip) I insisted in shipping it and eventually convinced her to ship it but only if I first mailed her a box and return label so she wouldn't have to worry about packaging and paying for shipping, so I sent her a grande box and label for her to ship it back and within a few days it was delivered by the UPS man. The lamp only cost me 60$ but with shipping it got close to 90$ which is a really good deal for a rare USA made beauty!


Here are some pics and videos of it spiking. The pics of it flowing were taken on a V1 heritage base while the original base was being refinished, since the bulb is far from the globe it wasn't quite getting up to temperature but still got some really good flow. The liquid is a little cloudy from shipping but looked clear in the pictures. When I got it, the wax looked like it hadn't been ran in a very long time and had a weird texture but after its first cycle in my possession the wax had mixed back in and became the creamiest, snakiest wax ive ever seen on any lamp, it looks like fresh butter and flows unlike anything else. Its been clearing up slowly in the 7 days I had it, and now for the first time its sitting on its own refinished base.




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What a fantastic find, Rodrigo!!!   Your lamp is gorgeous, I'm starting to covet again..... 

A USA giant - it doesn't get much better

I was going to say I have a fue china grandes and they flow the same but no this is much better then those.

Well done on finding it - its a shame you had to jump through hoops to get it home. I reckon the seller just wanted a quick sale to someone local and probably dident realize the real importance of the lamp

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