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Hello Lava lamp guys and gals, I have been collecting lava lamps for only a few years and have added a couple rare lamps to my collection. Recently my interests have changed towards 90” arcade games such as Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and ultimate 3, therefore I have decided to put a few of my lamps up for sale.

I have done a lot of leg work, worrisome stressful waiting to acquire these lamps while they were flown in/shipped from Germany. I have money invested from the shipping costs, antique metal lamp expert work, and the time spent waiting in frustration while not even having the lamp to enjoy cause one was getting fixed right upon receiving it from Germany.

1) Mathmos Lunar Rocket Purple/Pink, this lamp has really good flow and continues to flow for a very long time without overheating. It had some minor dings and bends from shipping damage across the pond. Therefore I researched and found a local antique lamp repair specialist and let him work on it for an additional 3.5-4 weeks!! And more $ out the pocket (I had originally already waited 3 weeks for the damn thing to arrive from Germany and now another 3.5 to get fixed!) The expert did an awesome job on repairing the lamp as it now appears mint, no dings or dents, pointed rocket tip intact, original dimmer switch intact/wiring. The giant glass liquor bottle has very minimal bubbles in the glass maybe only 1-2

2) Mathmos Lunar Rocket Green/Yellow, this lamp is in good condition, has a ding or two on the base, nothing major. It has a new lunar liquor bottle that I had shipped from Mathmos uk to a forwarding company and then to my door. This lamp also has the pointed rocket tip intact and original black dimmer switch/wiring.

Each lamp has a brand new Litefuze 300 power converter which each was only used a few times by myself when I ran the lamps a half dozen times.

Mathmos Lunar Lamps are becoming harder to find each year, especially specimens that are fully intact with the pointed tips and original dimmer boxes ( a few Lunars on eBay come up from time to time but they are usually missing tips and original dimmers/wiring)

Please msg me if you are interested, and please don’t flame me if price is high, as you have to factor in their rarity, difficulty to acquire, fees spent shipping, fixing, and price of inflation as the next owner will be able to resell them for more in a few years as their value and rarity as they are no longer in production by Mathmos and will continue to increase in value or keep for personal collection.

I am only hoping to break even or possibly a very measily profit gain. I would prefer pick up in person only at this time as I have no trust in usps/ups/ fedex and do not want the next owner to experience stress, anxiety, and the disappointment I experienced when it arrived damaged and then wait many weeks to get fixed.

I am located in a suburb of st.Paul Minnesota. (Mendota Heights).

See below attachments for pictures

Thank you for looking/reading.

Msg me for pricing if you are interested.

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Hi Andy,

You have some nice Lunars!

I understand how much they can cost as I used to own 10 of them -  all from the UK.

I sold 8 of them in the last two years and you should have no problems selling yours as Lunars are pretty desireable.


I safely shipped all my Lunars using UPS. ( about $100.00 shipping cost per Lunar )

Good Luck!

Hi again Mile High! Thank you for your kind words, Even before hunting down and buying my two lunars. I drooled over your photo album many a time looking at your great lunar collection which inspired me to find them in the first place.

Thanks again!

I might be able to help with eating some of the shipping cost. Prices might be slightly negotiable.. thanks
Bump...Happy Holidays, price lowered to $2500 for both Lunars.

When funds come in, I'll be in touch

Bump to the top Happy New Years

I'm still waiting for enough disposable income

Weekly bump....Would also entertain trades including a USA made giant lamp + cash thanks

Bump... would consider even trade of both lunars for a blue/yellow colossus, or a humungo +cash on my end.


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