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I have a vintage orange Crestworth Astro with copper base and cap. I believe it's an MK4. I don't know if it's just the age of the lamp, but the wax keeps separating. There is a lighter disc of wax that collects to the top of the lamp, and this significantly disrupts the flow of the heavier wax. I have recombined them many times now, but this time I want a permanent fix. Is there anything I can add to the wax to create a stronger wax bond, or even something in the maser fluid to prevent the lighter wax from collecting at the top?

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A photo would be helpful

Dont know if this is any help but in my experience old grainy wax becomes smooth again after adding a bit of wax dye I have left over from magma tower goo kits. I dont know what it consists of though.

Thanks for replying. The wax on mine is actually pretty smooth. The issue is the lighter wax pools to the top into a disc, and I guess this is the part of the wax that helps lift the heavier wax with it. I wish I had a photo, but I recently just recombined them again.

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