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I'm currently having a great time going through several boxes of mathmos goodies that have been in storage for a few years.


I've found 6 red mathmos bulbs which I have no idea where I got them from, a car boot probably, see attached image, can anyone confirm what these were from? am I right in thinking they were from the 3in1 lamp?




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I believe they used them in the opal fluidium and the orange. And the 3-1 lamps. Are u going to sell any?

I've been having a play with these bulbs with some standard mathmos colours and they certainly add something different, greenish brown lava on a Green/Clear Astro! - http://youtu.be/kmv2fNjLN00


I'm not sure they are saleable, they've been stored for a long while and I wouldnt like to say how much life is left in them.

Looks interesting with the clear / green

I am sure they are saleable as they are discontinued items and hard to get hold of through bulb shops / other sources etc.

Even though they have been sitting around for a long time as long as they haven’t been used much then they should be fine life wise.

I'd be willing to take the chance. That is if u do want to sell one.

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