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I received a globe made in 1977 with a rusty spring in it. Rust particles are throughout the lava.  Can the spring be salvaged by cleaning it with a rust remover?  What would be a suitable replacement for the spring in a vintage 32 oz. lamp if it can't be reused?


Is there a list of spring replacements for the various sizes of lava brand lamps?  I've been logging some of the spring sizes from globes I have opened by using a dial caliper to take measurements but my list is far from complete.


Does anybody have a proven way to catch and remove the rust from the lava?  I was thinking about trying to find a screen of some kind to pour the melted lava through.  Any better ideas?



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Are you sure its rust? I had a spring that I swore was rusty but it was just lava that was burnt onto the coil. As for cleaning I have not had any rusty coils so I cant help you with that. I dont think there is a list of detailed coil measurements. If you want to make one that would be great.
You may be totally correct about the burnt lava. I haven't opened it yet but I did test the globe today. The flow is not good so I'll probably just refill it anyway. I'll keep working on the chart as I get more springs to measure. I'll post it when I get something a bit more substantial. Thanks buddy.
I saw a post where someone bought a spring at Lowe's hardware store but I couldn't find one there. Any clues of another place to try?

As a sidenote, I know there is a place online to buy A-15 bulbs. I have it in my explorer favorites. Do you know if they offer bulbs in different colors? I tried painting one with enamel paint. The paint didn't bubble but it did get scorched and turned dark. I was trying to get a clear liquid to become the color of the bulb but it didn't work well at all.
I assume it's a transparent paint, otherwise the light couldn't escape. I used Testors transparent blue on mine. How long did you turn it on to set the paint? Does it color the clear lliquid well or is it a ghostly kind of look?

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