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I am having a bit of trouble removing the lid of my Grande lamp. The wax just sits at the bottom in a big blob, so i figure ill add a drop or 2 of washing liquid to break it up....
I have been trying to twist off the lid with various tools with little prevail...and now i have a blister in the middle of my hand...

Any help would be appreciated on how to remove it.


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If it's a pop top just pry it off with a bottle cap remover, and if you don't have the right tool don't try and put it back on. It'll always leak.
Adding soap won't make it rise either. It's probably something to do with not getting hot enough, perhaps wrong wattage bulb, or the globe isn't sitting in the base properly. If you can't get it to work without attempting everything else, then I'd open it and try and adjust the density of the water with pickling salt solution. Read Retro's formula about adjusting the density, or that 'molten meditation' site about replacing cloudy water, can't remember the actual site name.
It sounds like your problem is heat related. Put in a 100 watt bulb and run it with a dimmer. Should solve your problems.

It takes some work and a real thin blade to get the top off a grande, then there's a plug underneath. Sealing it back up is a deal too. Not something you want to do casually.

It is a 100W bulb.
After a couple of hours of it being on, a few blobs have found their way to the top, but then they fall, and just stay in a big blob on the bottom.
Should I go and buy a new 100W globe to see if it works?
Im heating it at the moment, and will twist it back and forth once it is melted as Bohdan mentioned.

Thanks for the help guys
It's a heat thing. Lamps are different. I have Grandes that run fine on 100w others run too hot. buying a dimmer gives you control of the amount of heat. They're cheap and available at any hardware store.
Thanks everyone for your help,
I went to a large Hardware store today, but they didnt have any dimmers...So i decided on buying a new 100W globe. WHICH MAKES THE LAMP WORK!!!
I guess the old 100W globe which came with it was faulty..
Now I just gotta fix the cloudy water (i stupidly shook it when i got it to try and make it flow...if only I found this site earlier) , so Ill move on to that discussion topic.
Over the years, I have done the same with several lamps. I only had one that did not clear up in time (days or a couple of weeks). However, some of these lamps have problems with the lava not flowing right. As I look over the many discussions on this site I am learning techniques for improving the flow. This is such a great site for sharing and learning about the goo!

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